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Our DSP makes it possible for millions of unique ad impressions to deliver quality and brand safe inventory across multiple channels.


Eliminate the struggle of selecting advertising partners by choosing a platform that does it all for you. We manage and cater campaigns for your wants and needs in order to meet your desired results.

Increased Productivity

We help our publishers to increase productivity metrics of their ad spaces by hand picking, scheduling and implementing advertising campaigns. All of the internal and external communication is happening on one platform.

AdBrainer Advertising Delivery and Distribution

Adbrainer supports a variety of media ad formats offering display and video ads across desktop and mobile devices. Our ad delivery options are end point based for advertisers and tag based for publisher integration. However, we work on optimizing delivery methods to meet publisher and advertiser requirements and industry standards on a daily basis.

Here are some of the formats that we offer at AdBrainer:

1. Display

One of the most reliable types of advertising campaigns across the web, trusted by millions of publishers and advertisers.

2. Video

While large-scale innovation is approaching, video advertising has traditionally been limited to the production side, although it has high revenue returns.

3. Native

A great choice for those content  creators and webmasters looking to monetize featured website's traffic with seamless visual difference to a page category layout.

4. Social Media

Nowadays, it is a trending and rapidly developing  advertising path. Might be a great choice for individuals owning "highly liked" pages and other parties looking for a "social boost".

5. Email

Marketing campaigns have been around for decades now and are still utilized by many top corporations and small businesses across the globe.

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